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Buy your spring flowers and summer vegetables directly from Parks Brothers Greenhouses, Arkansas's largest greenhouse grower!

Parks Brothers Greenhouses grows top quality annual bedding plants, garden vegetables, perennials, hanging baskets and patio containers in the spring. In fall and winter, our greenhouses are full of mums, pansies, kale, snapdragons and poinsettias.

Parks Brothers Retail
6733 Parks Road
Van Buren, AR 72956
(479) 410-2217

Please call us at 479-410-2217 for our hours which change during the season.

Best Plants For People Who Forget To Water


  1. Begonias
    1. BEGONIA – Bronze Mix
    2. BEGONIA – Bronze Red
    3. BEGONIA – Bronze Rose
    4. BEGONIA – Bronze White
    5. BEGONIA – Dragonwing Pink
    6. BEGONIA – Dragonwing Red
    7. BEGONIA – Green Mix
    8. BEGONIA – Green Red
    9. BEGONIA – Green Rose
    10. BEGONIA – Green White
  2. DUSTY MILLER – Silver Dust
  3. MELAMPODIUM (Butter Daisy, Star Daisy)- Showstar
  4. Portulaca (Rose Moss)
    1. PORTULACA (Rose Moss)- Happy Hour Rosita
    2. PORTULACA (Rose Moss)- Happy Hour Fuschia
    3. PORTULACA (Rose Moss)- Happy Hour Mix
    4. PORTULACA (Rose Moss)– Happy Hour Scarlet
    5. PORTULACA (Rose Moss)– Happy Hour Banana
    6. PORTULACA (Rose Moss)- Happy Hour Peppermint
  5. EUPHORBIA – Stardust White Sparkle
  6. Vinca (Periwinkles)
    1. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Apricot
    2. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Burgundy
    3. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Deep Lavender
    4. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Red
    5. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Strawberry
    6. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Violet
    7. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora White
    8. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Cascade Cherry
    9. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Cascade Lilac
    10. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Cascade Magenta
    11. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Cascade Peach Blush
    12. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Cascade Polka Dot
    13. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Cora Cascade Strawberry
    14. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Jams ‘N Jellies American Pie Mix
    15. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Jams ‘N Jellies Blackberry
    16. VINCA (Periwinkle)- Pacifica Apricot
    17. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Blush
    18. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Burgundy
    19. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Burgundy Halo
    20. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Cherry Halo
    21. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Merlot Mix
    22. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Mix
    23. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Orange
    24. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Polka Dot
    25. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Punch
    26. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica Really Red
    27. VINCA (Periwinkle) – Pacifica White
  7. Succlulents
  8. Scaevola Penta_butterfly_red
    1. SCAEVOLA – Blue
    2. SCAEVOLA – White
  9. Purslane
    1. PURSLANE – Rio Grande Magenta
    2. PURSLANE – Rio Grande Orange
    3. PURSLANE – Rio Grande Scarlet
    4. PURSLANE – Rio Grande White
    5. PURSLANE – Rio Grande Yellow
  10. Pentas – Butterfly series
    1. PENTA – Graffiti Violet
    2. PENTA – Graffiti Red Velvet
    3. PENTA – Graffiti White
    4. PENTA – Graffiti Lipstick
  11. Lantana  Lantana_lucky_honeyblush
    1. LANTANA – Bandana Cherry
    2. LANTANA – Bandana Cherry Sunrise
    3. LANTANA – Bandana Lemon Zest
    4. LANTANA – Bandana Red
    5. LANTANA – Bandana Trailing Gold
    6. LANTANA – Bandito Orange Sunrise
    7. LANTANA – Bandito Red
    8. LANTANA – Landmark Rose Glow
    9. LANTANA – Landmark White
    10. LANTANA – Lucky Lemon Glow
    11. LANTANA – Lucky Sunrise Rose
    12. LANTANA – Lucky Yellow
    13. LANTANA – New Gold
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